What a beautiful day at the salon!  Had the pleasure of doing a mother of the bride and her daughter who was a bridesmaid... Such an honor to be asked to share in their special day! 



Americas Beauty Show 2016! 


What at a great couple of days!  In a world of ever changing cuts colors and styling tools, I walked away with my top three and here's why!  

1.  Tape in hair Extentions  great way of adding fullness to specific areas of your hair economically.  These Extentions can add pops of fun or highlights to your hair.  Retails   Per Section.  Call for free consultation!  

2.  Wet Brush great tool for applying conditioner to hair in the shower and out. Saving.  less damage to hair when it's in its most vulnerable state. Retail 12.00

3.  The Curve! The best flat iron out there!  It has a swivel cord, heats up to 450 degrees with its titanium plates and the greatest it's easy to curl with  and it shuts  off after 60 minutes! No more wondering and worrying if you shut it off.   This also will prolong the life of your styling tool!   Retail 80.00.

All of these can be found here at Shear Trendz.  Stop by and try them out!